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In times of unrest, don’t feel alone. Sign up for my offerings. Download My Prayer for You! Listen to it on your mobile device or computer again and again. Feel the difference! PLEASE NOTE:  You must confirm your subscription to receive the mp3.

I assist You:

  • to find peace and strength in times of transition through wellness processes and programs, both individually and in groups
  • to identify past, present, and future issues that keep you from reaching your full potential
  • to access your unexpressed destiny and enhance your creative expression
  • to find creative solutions to old problems and solve them once and for all
  • to create new work for yourself
  • to heal mental, physical, emotional, psychic, spiritual, psychological trauma and conditions

As a spiritual and medical intuitive, I use a process learned from my master teachers to achieve quick results emotionally, physically, psychically, mentally, and psychologically. I also access information from past, present, and future lives. The work is multi-generational so family members also get cleared.  My work achieves quick results.  How would you like the new you?  At your pace.  Access your Full Human Potential now and CHOOSE to be simply happy!

act-nowThis is for YOU, if you have ever felt:

  • misunderstood or unable to express your deepest longings in these Uncertain times
  • challenged by physical ailments, spiritual confusion, emotional blocks
  • uncertain about your creative capacity, your vision or purpose
  • limited by past experiences, forgotten, scared to emerge
  • lost in nuances of change yet know the NEW is calling

My sessions and packages are designed for your unique needs. Schedule today for a FREE 15-minute consult!

Work with me one-on-one or hire me to facilitate a workshop for your community. Invest in your self and GIVE LIFE to your creative capacities. Be the artist, change-maker, teacher, guardian, homemaker, parent, leader you are meant to be.  Transform worlds with your strength, compassion, and presence.  Embody your Ur-Resonance.  Email me: luminousfields at gmail dot com.

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“The Creative Principle is the basis of all that is:  She, the dance behind the dance and what moves through us in unique resonance with who we are and what we are creating.  The Creative Principle is inherent in and as Nature.  She is ever-present and is now calling us to be aware of our wholeness, an intricate part of all inter-related systems.”  ~ Ambika Talwar