Are you in transition?

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AMBIKA TALWAR is an educator, published author and artist, with a keen interest and sensitivity also in the healing arts. She combines resonant creative process with IE:Intuition-Energetics to source blocks body, mind, spirit, psyche. Such insights stir shifts, which make one see what is real. “Both poetry and holistic practices work beautifully together, for language is intricately coded in us. In resonance with our authentic self, we experience wholeness & wellness,” she notes. “I love to assist you to discover your uniqueness.”

Inspirations on an Unfolding Path

“Come my friends, I said to the wee green ants. Let us walk through walls! Let us be the radiance beyond the night. They stared at me with wide beady eyes and simply walked on, but one. This one waited, watched, and came closer.”

Reflecting on my childhood days, I remember forays into precious worlds I knew were mine. Here moments were sweetened with delight and wonder because, naturally, I was that discoverer or adventurer who overcame difficulties. I’d make up stories; I’d sit in crowns of trees and see faraway lands; I’d dance on slopes caressed by golden light. And, yes, this is true. There was a small kingdom in my garden where green ants lived. There was a queen and her subjects. They were very busy doing what they do: transporting foods and supplies to build their castle.

Yes, I was also princess, child goddess, the beloved. I have pictures of me dressed for Kanchka when my grandmother fed and graced divinity in me. I was that eternal innocence and delight.

We are all divine children. Somehow, when we grow up life’s eddies twist us in and around and we lose sight of our essential self. Painfully, I did, as I became stripped of all support, and found I had to fend for myself in this big Los Angeles after having lived a somewhat sheltered life in India.

I Imagined Walking Through Walls

As I finished school, I somehow left the theatric behind and discovered poetry, a refining process of giving voice to what lies beneath surfaces and also to envisioning luminous worlds, as did social scientists, artists, and visionaries. I learned that the essential Poetic is far greater than need poetry; Soon She walked me through walls into ecstatic realms.

My desire has been to be a filmmaker, so I made one short. This film titled Androgyne, also explores the Creative Spirit as LOVE, the quintessential teacher of all.

Instead of being a career filmmaker, I became a college professor teaching English. Of course, I found it was Creative Spirit who kept the teaching/learning process enlivened and enlivening.  Poetry is Herself the Creative Spirit, for she contains all those worlds we speak of that is home to the best in us yet unfolding. We are that vessel and channel. Let us be free of old limiting influences. Let our voice ring out pure, rich, and joyous. (See Ur-Resonance)

What Happened Thereafter

Through life passages, I learned that staying healthy is also a Creative Process of re-aligning our inner-outer dynamic of energetic interactions. The renewal and dissolution of cells is just this impelled by an evolutionary and transformational inner dynamic. (See IE:Intuition-Energetics)

No one promised the journey would be all wine and roses or sailing in satin seas. But the result of being in resonance with radiant self is well worth the penance of having been without. Isn’t this love?


Coming Full Circle ~ My Offering

Beloveds! By now you know you, too, are Creative Spirit, alive, omnipresent, omnipotent, continually in dance of wonder. When we feel bereft and alone, She appears in us to remind us of the vast reservoir of inner beauty.  I invite you to Creative Infinities, to explore your depths, to express your fullness, and to emerge as True Self.  It is time to write the new narrative of our lives and of what we can become. It is time to leave New Footprints.

I go with you wherever you are. Come closer…like the single green ant who watched. No need to wait any more.  In resonance with sacred destiny, let us emerge as Radiant Love.