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Let your transformation be a continually evolving creative process, never ending like a story of all time. You ARE a Poem unfolding.

may this morning’s peace
blow in all the right directions
not away from but into hearts

may the curve of question
be a cowl of protection
from wind’s cold dust today

may its legs walk always
in beauty’s wonder so world’s
grace spring up like flowers.

“To behold beauty is to be beheld by beauty. To be beheld by beauty is to be transformed by the beholding of beauty. To be transformed by the beholding of beauty is to behold the transformation of beauty itself. In the experience of this transformation, we experience freedom, joy, and ecstasy. This freedom, this joy, this ecstasy, is what spirituality means, or what it means to be in communion with Spirit, with God.”

– Yasuhiko Genku Kimura, Philosopher @ Vision In Action, Virginia

Rhythms of Change

The expansion of consciousness demands that we review and renew our selves periodically; this is about being in “rhythmic dynamic interchange” (Walter Russell) with oneself and with the world at large. Rhythms of intensity of doing and non-doing or cessation of action...

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Love Your Tender Wildness

Love Your Tender Wildness! YES. And with these words, I slipped away from my desk and basked in the tender sunshine as I walked down my street.  I had to leave my desk and scattered spaces and wander in my neighborhood. I experience many charming moments on these few...

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The Chaos of Our Lives

Hello Friends ~ The Chaos of Our Lives… Nature reminds that chaos follows order and order breaks down into chaos at some point. What happens in nature is inwardly self-arising for elements determine the course of such events, and such disasters ultimately reflect...

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