Read these thoughtful comments from past attendees...

“Amazing healing and shift of energy. Beautiful correlation between physical body, emotional states, and energy.”

“Felt very different. Never experienced something like this before.  Was amazed @ the speed you saw things about people’s lives….

“Felt at peace & felt my perception shift about any issue connected deeply with my life.”

“Felt a lot of release, feeling lighter, stronger and happier! Feels like some kind of magic to me that she (Ambika) just knows your issues and heals them in a second… tada !!!  … Thank you! Bless you!”

What keeps you from BE-ing whole, happy, and fulfilled?    

World conditions? Rapid changes? Transitions?

Family dynamics? Relationships? Disapproval?

Personal dynamics? Career choices? Disappointments?

Past choices, illness, trauma? Finances?

Any of these? There are many more reasons, I get it. Let’s change all this.

What would you DO if you found a way to change your life? Right Now. 

This way would nourish your Body – Mind – Spirit, so you could live in peace, harmony, and be fulfilled.  And, importantly, BE SUPPORTED.

Your New Way begins with one Thought – a single Burning Desire. This is pure and obtainable – it is already in you.

I offer packages of 3, 7, and 10 individual sessions.
Contact me for more information.

3-sessions package:  891 USD – Discount $697 / Best Option update. Email below.

Completed within 4 weeks**

Gifts upon payment:
Audio: ‘Tis Morning Now! + Image
20-minute follow up upon completion


** There are no refunds on packages

7-session package: 2079 USD – Discount $1697 / NEW update. Email below.

Completed within 10 weeks of starting**

Gifts upon payment:
Audio: It is Your Time + Download image
20-minute follow up after 7 sessions
Gift certificate to gift a friend. 20-minute session. Value: $150

10-sessions package: 2970 USD – Discount $2790 /Not available now.

Completed within 16 weeks of starting**

Gifts upon payment:
Audio: Your Smile + Download an image
25-minute follow up after the last session
2 Free Gift certificates each of 25 minutes to gift two different people. Each valued at 150 USD.

Let us remember the words of  Thich Nhat Hanh: 

Because suffering is impermanent, that is why we can transform it.

Because happiness is impermanent, that is why we have to nourish it.”

Each package brings you closer to your vision of living your Sacred Destiny.
Each session addresses your immediate concerns, be it physical, mental, emotional, psychic, spiritual, psychological – name it! It does not end here. Together we also clear the dredges from multiple lives, memories, trauma, and miasma. The BEAUTY is that those involved in your condition also get cleared. By Choosing to be well, you will also serve others in your life.

Choose your single session or package! Let’s begin a new journey. Together.

Be received * Be empowered * Be understood * Realize your life purpose * Be free of physical/emotional obstacles * Recognize your deepest values and embody them.

Live your sacred destiny! I am with you wherever you are.  luminousfields at gmail  dot  com

Ask yourself this: Am I prepared to experience more:
freedom, power, passion, creativity, pleasure, reverence, serenity?