Are you in transition?

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Let your transformation be a continually evolving creative process, never ending like a story of all time. You ARE a Poem unfolding.

may this morning’s peace
blow in all the right directions
not away from but into hearts

may the curve of question
be a cowl of protection
from wind’s cold dust today

may its legs walk always
in beauty’s wonder so world’s
grace spring up like flowers.

Let Your Poetry Bridge New Worlds

Reveal Your Beauty! Share Your Magic! 

Would you agree that becoming whole is creative intent and action? A co-creative process? Did you know that you are a poem unfolding? Continuously? Consider how poetry brings you closer in touch with your Self. How the poetic process bridges worlds.  


My experience of the poetic is truly a journey in understanding of the best in us. Conversing with a fellow poet about what poetry is, I heard myself saying:  “In the poetic, one cannot help but be ethical. Poetry insists on it!” I wondered then what I had stated without thinking. I came to understand what I had not been able to articulate before — that, indeed, the poetic is a commitment to creating a path to fulfillment on a foundation of virtue.

Golden Matrix Visions offers a perspective on how to access that poetic within by inspiring in you what is already there.

The best of world cultures is sourced through poetic utterance, be it narrative, drama, music, the oral tradition, and, importantly, revealed gems about our origins and cosmic vibration through rhythm and meter.  Sadly, for a long time, human culture has been fragmented and led by shadow, and people are tearing apart homes and lands leaving behind devastation.

Be the change agent the world needs. Let your poetic voice show you how.