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Remember your True Self!

Are you ready to let go of feeling stressed, lost, tired, anxious? Want joy and freedom instead?

I know life has been tough and challenging. It isn’t easy being in the jaws of terrible things. I know. I have been there many times. But now, it is time for us to make deep inner changes so we can create new paths. Would you agree?

Let me show you how to regain clarity and purpose and live the life you have dreamed of. You can have it all now. Just look within.

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To KNOW freedom from pain, fear, & trauma
To BE free of past, present, future negative emotions and distractions
To FIND peace, strength, courage in these times of chaos and uncertainty
To ACCESS your radiant self & enhance your unique creative talents
To BE strong in Body – Mind – Spirit

You are Not Alone.  *  You are an Embodiment of Love!

Make yourself a priority. If you are serious about being well, free, and happy, sign up for a 15-min. free consultation. It is NOT a session. And we can discuss what you can expect in a session and if you would be better served with a single or a package of 3 or 5 sessions.

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I will work with you only if you truly commit to change and choose the path of wholeness. Be a priority. Now is all our time to nourish what is precious.

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Are you ready to restore your creative passion & purpose in these times of world changes? To find your tribe?

Let’s get to the heart of what ails you. And, like Liliana, you can also feel light.

Here is an offer! Are you ready to walk your true path?

Choose your 40-minute first session at discounted price noted here. Only One
Time. My usual single session costs more than this sweet deal. Book our time
with me. Once you sign up, email me your 2-3 concerns. I will be ready to clear
your path so you can be well again.  *  Sessions are done by telephone.

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Email me with contact details to schedule your appointment.

Are you ready to restore your creative passion, your purpose in these chaotic times and world changes?

Work with me! Let’s get to the heart of what ails you. Now!

BE FREE from mental, physical, & emotional-spiritual trauma.
RESOLVE uncertainty, limitation, and disappointments now.
DISCOVER your purpose! Fulfill your longing! Be a catalyst of change!

YES, we are in times of great distress.  You may feel out of sync, uncertain of life purpose.  You might feel lost and broken. Such states may lead to other ailments.  I can help you be free of stress and trauma with processes learned from master teachers.  As a spiritual and medical intuitive, a poet and teacher, I invite you to be inspired by your vision of You.

Schedule a free 15 minute consultation

In this time, I will tell you what I can and will do for you to alleviate your problem.

Ready to Honor your higher self?  Trust – your heart knows.

Choose your 45-minute first session at discounted price available here. Only one time. My usual single session is much more than this sweet deal. Book our time with me now.

237 USD

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Let us heal ourselves for a just world

We each desire world peace; the capacity to love and be loved; support of friends, family and partners; fulfillment in all ways; and that our longings be understood and met.  We rise and fall rhythmically; lessons abound.  We feel disappointed and discouraged.  We cause hurt and cast blame, thereby accumulating unresolved residue.

But we know we are joyful beings. We long for harmony, a process of coming to terms with what is, what has been, and what we will create. Change begins with complete self-acceptance and realizing socio-cultural and historical influences, karmic ties, and lineage narratives.

What brings us chaos and confusion is also the way out of it.  Let’s transform our self, our perspectives and perceptions, and our expectations of how we are supposed to be. Let us identify weaknesses, biases, false perceptions, and resolve them — then we can be who we are. Something lovely longs to awaken in our heart of hearts. Don’t you feel it?

I have gone through the ringer a million times; it will happen again on this journey. And it never feels good. We have to do our work, so we resolve what keeps us in prisons of our own creation.  What would it take for you to know that you are every bit human in strength and in weakness. Nothing is permanent. Let’s dissolve the rot before it goes deeper into our psyche.  Let us find succor in our longing for joy rising within.

Let us heal ourselves for a just world. Then love becomes a practice.

We are often a mystery to ourselves. You never know what may arise from your deep subconscious. Be the artist, change-maker, teacher, guardian, homemaker, parent, leader you are meant to be. Transform your world with your strength, compassion, and presence. Email me: luminousfields at gmail dot com.

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“The Creative Principle is the basis of all that is:  She, the dance behind the dance and what moves through us in unique resonance with who we are and what we are creating.  The Creative Principle is inherent in and as Nature.  She is ever-present and is now calling us to be aware of our wholeness, an intricate part of all inter-related systems.”  ~ Ambika Talwar