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What causes these karmic patterns?

Babies arrive in innocence but carry their karmic energies and that of the lineage of their parents. That’s a lot of drama. For a short while, we relive the innocence of this new connection. Then the dictates of socialization changes all this. Our bad habits seep through. Perhaps, we can look at how all our life and work structures too can be realigned, so we can be fulfilled in our greatest capacities and with joy. No less. For this reason this work means so much to me: how can we simply change how we raise our children and ourselves. It might be a kind idea to realign ourselves with that innocence in us, which we so cherish. A father expresses that he cried when he first saw her: “when she held my index finger with her whole hand, I just crumbled.”

Take a look! Newborns feel they are still in the womb. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7jotO8znEcA

Clear karmic patterns and nourish your family

Karmic influence is a universally accepted phenomena. It may be a beauteous rose with thorns or a can of wild smelly worms. Like it or not, we all have to deal with it. Old wisdom with hoary locks and wild twigs tells us we reap what we sow. Science shows us how thoughts, chemicals, and substances affect everything in and around us.

We see babies and wax lyrical with high oxytocin levels in our body making us into mush. Babies are so darn cute like we once were. We cannot help longing to return to that place of innocence, even through these chortling babies.

But are babies all innocence? Do not these awe-inspiring, butter-melting, heart-opening cuddly miniatures of us also arrive with karmic patterns, ties, and tendencies? Do they not grow up through the pull and push of such programs? Could they not carry on genetic discrepancies into which they are born? Even first time or repeat parents express concern about the well being of their arriving child, despite the joy and excitement of this wondrous passage.


Let us clear their way so they better fulfill their sacred destiny!

These are natural rhythms of all our lives. While we so desire to be happy and fulfilled, we get wrought with mental, emotional, physical, psychic, psychological effects and triggers that can obstruct us.

Many babies today are also birthed with special abilities and acumen. Would it not be wonderful if parents would recognize such unique qualities and raised the child with guidance to ground and expand this child’s specialness?

My heart goes out to all these beautiful babies and their families. When I see them, I see magnificent potential; their eyes, their smiles, their little hands curl to beckon, and I become a pillar of wonder.

Delete family karma so these special children can transform us !

Because I so desire to create a place of safe transformation, one of my passions is to be of service to parents to clear karmic patterns, whether baby is in the womb or already birthed.

Contact me so we can discuss your needs and create a package that will foster the absolute best for your child and family.

Blessings for the life you desire and create. I am at: luminousfields [@] gmail dot com