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Whole Person Learning!

It’s good for our community: local, global, kosmic!

We must invite and inspire in one another inherent greatness. The process of education is calling for the re-awakening of imagination, of creative ability, and of ways that invite us all to know our interconnectedness, so that we may know better who we truly are.

Instead of awakening joy and wonder for the world, systems of testing have taken away from many the joys of discovery and the natural ability to know, to intuit.  It is only through play and creative participation with and in all disciplines, can we make education a meaningful foundation.

Our inherent genius thrives in play, grows with challenge of new creation, arrives in sacred space.

It is time to change the story kosmically and globally.  Where we have had great discord, we must now understand we are more alike than different, for we are made of the same stuff. Where we have been taught to hate another, we must realign knowing we our interconnected in more ways than we may realize. Where wars have been waged because of greed, malice, deception, we know that an active vision of honesty, respect and kindness are the foundation for new ways.

Is not a living pedagogy wedded with wisdom teachings? Wouldn’t such a living process encourage us to live with respect and reverence for life! Are we not responsible for each other’s well being? The Ubuntu children think so. Invited to race to gather the most fruit any one of them could, they held hands and walked to the tree. Their reason? I am, because you are.

In Fall 2011 and Spring 2012, we participated in learning about what peace feels like, looks like, and how it can be attained: through a process of dynamic understanding of one another, through play and sharing mutual stories and creative expressions (all that makes us human and wonderful). We installed two peace poles at the college. I am here with Mick Quinn of http://www.integralheartfoundation.org and friends.

Seminars & Conferences:

  • Peace & Justice Studies Association ~ University of San Diego. October 2014. Workshop facilitation.
  • Great Teachers Seminar ~FACCC sponsored. August 2014. Participant.
  • Women of Spirit & Faith Alchemy Conference, Redwood City, California ~ November 2013.  Poetry & Bliss: Uncovering Your Virtue workshop.
  • Imagine Peace Conference, Berkeley, California ~ September 2011  Poetry for Peace presentation. How poetry inspires peace in us.
  • WE ASC World Education Arts Science Culture Conference, New Delhi, India ~ January 2012. Purpose of Education: Developing Curriculum for Peace presentation.

At the Women of Spirit & Faith Alchemy Conference in Nov. 2013,  I am with Alisa Starkweather, Ayesha Mattu, and Mother Clare of Santa Fe Springs, NM. To the left my wonderful Poetry workshop participants composing.