sweet fire up spine
stirs dance body – my
lips grow new wings

Yesterday, I awoke feeling soporific and with heavy limbs. I silently groaned, then sat up wondering what to make of this day not yet lived but stirring. It was my second time waking up. I have been waking up at 4’ish these past few weeks and staying in bed in half-sleep state for a couple of hours. I did fall back into slumber for a short while … hence the heaviness.

I got out of bed and went straight to the kitchen to mix herbs for my mother and made my bitter decoction as prescribed by my Ayurvedic doctor. Hint of magic started to stir my half-asleep body. Then when our little friend from upstairs knocked at the door and I let him in, everything changed. His 3-year-old presence called for play. I always fall for this. His adorable ways disarm.

At some point he wanted music. I brought out my laptop and looked for something he would like. But Dev wanted only woman in a yellow sari. This was not a title and I could not find anything to match it. He went upstairs to ask his father. A few minutes later, I found the link and he danced to this wild sexy Bollywood fusion. His moves were so sweet I started to dance. Suddenly I freed up. I remembered steps from my belly dancing and let go. I did the horse movement, I shimmied, I did the camel walk. I was free and happy.

My body had found its groove again. It has been a long while since a spate of injuries made me shut down this exquisite joy. I put on a long green skirt and twirled around in the rooms realizing once again power of dance. Too often we stay caught in our self-created limitations, which cover us with web of despair and delusions. And now I was free in a way I have not felt in a long while.

Dance is freedom. Freedom is love. And love is all there is. Life is a dance. May our lives be loving expressions of freedom, which is choice to create our destiny with integrity. I have been feeling into expressions of how best to embody what we are or what we wish to become despite our wild and uncomfortable rides of many years. All life experiences – illumined and in shadow – make us whole.

All of creation is a dance as per Indic spiritual thought. Movement within the body courses through our powerful nervous system of over 100 billion neurons (90,000 miles of sensations). This is a lot of  information. It is no wonder that in our rough chaotic times influenced with corrosion by electronic devices and pollution, including thought forms, we tend to become ill or weakened. In order to stay healthy and physically strong, we need to find ways to cleanse our physical bodies and stay strong.

In a universe of harmonious elements cohering as principle of love, we recognize our unique role in maintaining our well being physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Movement and stillness with awareness give us this clarity.

Since much of my poetry is about love and the beloved, I have been feeling into how best to offer my healing practice, which is super effective in reducing stress and spurring wellness as my clients testify. I am now focusing on physical imbalances, aches and pains, which naturally affect our mental, spiritual, and auric bodies. This process covers all other aspects of being, which are also cleared of stressors.

I invite you to Love Yourself! enough to know that you know who and what you are. Only then seek out healers or coaches who can facilitate your well being. Truth is you are each powerful enough to know what you need, want, and desire. We are/I am here simply to remind you to open the doors you may not have seen or have overlooked… to point ways to your own unique deeper self, for your truth resides well within your heart, which is endless source of inspiration and connection.

Are you looking into your inner spaces and finding what you wish to manifest or become? If you care for direction, I am here. As adorable 3-year-old Dev whose knock at the door showed me a way home to my dancing body, let my invitation call you to Embody Love! Reach out.

With love and blessings!  ~  Ambika Talwar