Read these thoughtful comments from past attendees...

“Amazing healing and shift of energy. Beautiful correlation between physical body, emotional states, and energy.”

“Felt very different. Never experienced something like this before.  Was amazed @ the speed you saw things about people’s lives….


Listen to a 5 minute healing visualization

Listen to 5 minutes of deep relaxation and follow my suggestions to clear tension in your body awareness.

CHI-Conscious Healing Infusions Sample

Download a full-length 20-minute version of this visualization with any of the individual sessions and packages (scroll down for sessions/packages)

Download “My Prayer For You”

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Ready to Honor your higher self? 
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I can and will help you to:

BE FREE from mental, physical, & emotional-spiritual trauma.
RESOLVE uncertainty, limitation, and disappointments now.

DISCOVER your purpose! Fulfill your longing! Be a catalyst of change!

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Let’s clear the issues that keep you in distress.

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Let us remember the words of  Thich Nhat Hanh: 

Because suffering is impermanent, that is why we can transform it.

Because happiness is impermanent, that is why we have to nourish it.”

“Appreciation–emotional appreciation, artistic appreciation, appreciation on every level—is an important part of living Wabi Sabi. Appreciation manifests joy…. We don’t need to become someone else or wait until things are “perfect” to appreciate the whole of our lives.”

– Taro Gold, in Living Wabi Sabi

Take your New Journey — Discover your Sacred Destiny. Time is speeding up.

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