Dear Beloveds ~

The more we return to ourselves, our essence, and become True Self, the closer we are to fulfilling our passion and destiny, to Embody Love; this can only happen if we choose it and become our own Muse.

New path paved with peace is
difficult desire – yet we yearn
for such love of earth body
nature body – self body

Body of work – body of broken times
body of clocks – soul seeks reparation
It is time to embody love!

In so many ways we lack self-love. Such lack is reflected in outer expressions of isolation, desperation, and frustration with life’s circumstances. Such ways do not bring us joy, fulfillment or satisfaction; on the other hand, we remain uncertain of our purpose and our ability to love and be loved.

We may go about our daily tasks, our jobs, and our varied relationships in a lackluster way, going through the motions to begin and end the day. Weeks, months, years go by and nothing changes but the color of our hair, and heart aches if it is alive, not crowded by gunk of despair.

Not only psychologists but sages, too, remind us that each single one of us is the source of our own true joy. What travesty it is if we remain shallow to our selves and indulge in blame and excoriate our influences! At some point we must take complete responsibility for who and what we are and the choices we make. For only then can we transform our life and our communities.

So what is self-love? How do we Embody Love?illustrate the essay

Let’s say that
self-erasure begins at home. We learn in early years to disappear if we have lacked support and acceptance of who we are. Also, we learn to suppress ourselves & become someone we are not. We create an unsatisfactory life from such conditions. Resulting wounding leads to physical problems that are then passed on to subsequent generations. This is not only a personal issue but a societal one.

I admit to my part in my own wounding for rejecting parts of myself in my growing years. I won’t have it any more, for I desire fully living, surrendering to Love, and practicing Embodying of this Love.

Furthermore, our television models and images of desire in the media creates mental and emotional distortions. Instead of living with self-worth, many young folk learn they are worthless and lacking in beauty. Such distortions & imbalance lead to mental illnesses and violence, and lack of real love perpetuates disharmony. We will not recover unless we willingly accept our role in this and be at-ONE with our Self.

Sing to your body of your enlivening ways
Listen, caress, love your body-being
With eyes sparkling, let your Presence rejoice the planet.

Are we not nature body, soul body, and singular self body?  As the world breaks under weight of wars, over-population, fracking, and mining, body of Nature is desecrated for human profit, which affects body of sentient beings. We humans demonstrate increased illnesses, aches, pains; we live in disharmony with ourselves, each other, Nature, and our Divine purpose. Can we fulfill our destiny if we are caught in cross-purposes?

Instead of torturing ourselves, can we learn to fully respect Nature body, soul body, and personal body? Can we learn to dissolve ideologies that deceive us and keep us separated from our True Nature?  if we are to create and inhabit healthy communities, must we not must learn to revere our sentience and celebrate poetics of existence in our beautiful cosmos? We are all a part of the whole and the whole is part of each of our parts. How can we not realize this inter & intra-connectedness of All One Being?

Perhaps, one way to return to harmony is to tear ourselves away from all that has held us in awful comfort and limitation and choose paths to reconcile with our real self. This timely process insists we suffer ourselves to emerge from this dream state or as the German’s say, “traum.” The word for “dream” and “trauma” is the same. We have been caught in dream of isolation and shadow. Instead let’s remember grace of pleasure, beauty of our environments and our inner being, then return to wellness of body, mind, spirit.

Let us awaken from this state of dream-traum, so we actually learn what love is. May we practice becoming love before the end of our lives, so all that we have endured be worth the risk and pain of many years? It is my desire to practice this art and process of awaring love in my body-being, so I can Embody Love even if I fall or slip from time to time. I have a long winding path ahead. Walk with me! Let’s play!

Make new meaning – We sit
in silence – Listen to far-near hum of
kosmic heart vision –

Peace holds hands
gazes in silence into heart spaces
Embody self wholly – Don’t wait!

Connect with me to find out how you and your cohorts can also be cleared of pain of separation, trauma, grief, and all that keeps you from your sacred purpose. Join the community! Download “My Prayer for You!” Listen to many times; Make it yours. Love and blessings, Ambika