Love Your Tender Wildness! YES. And with these words, I slipped away from my desk and basked in the tender sunshine as I walked down my street.  I had to leave my desk and scattered spaces and wander in my neighborhood. I experience many charming moments on these few blocks. Always, I return with pictures of flowers, the beauty of light dappling and dancing on all the roses and lilies along our roads.

They invite me to take their pictures. As I do I reflect on what has passaged through my being in these recent times and how memories remind us of what is truly important: sharing with and nourishing one another.

…In this tender wildness, what arises also dissipates — a pink petal half brown.

Would you agree with me that this year has been wilder, more turbulent than another one gone by? Does this leave you feeling scattered like a yoyo – sometimes disparate, alone, or far away?

When we disconnect from our real self, we take wrong actions, make unclear choices. What follows is more weirdness or disconnect. Do we need that? Do YOU need that?

It is in such times that we need to stop the wandering and take care of our bodies. We need to stay simple, not complicate our thoughts and emotions or allow them to confuse our days and relationships.

Not only mind and emotions, but our spirit also can beguile us away from truth of our essence. Even these energies can be at war over our essence. We may be in grief at loss or confusion about our work or choices. So many inner and outer influences pull us away.

I strongly encourage deep rest, so you regain equanimity and harmony, so you arise again to claim your true self. Even in times of deep rest, never let go of staying firm in body, mind, and spirit. Good boundaries are key to wellness.

How would your life change if you CHOOSE NOW to Be Well – Be Whole – Be Happy? I can and will show you how. My wellness tele-seminars and individual sessions are designed to bring you to ease and joyfulness.

Give yourself this chance! Be nourished in these days of waxing and waning moons. Gather your spent energies; practice being free of pain; experience your InnerPower again.

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With blessed love.