Read these thoughtful comments from past attendees...

“Amazing healing and shift of energy. Beautiful correlation between physical body, emotional states, and energy.”

“Felt very different. Never experienced something like this before.  Was amazed @ the speed you saw things about people’s lives….


Feel Whole Again!

When we feel broken unable to feel good, we can find ourselves on the brink of despair. Our inner being weeps. And we know even when we feel broken, we are intrinsically whole.

When planetary disturbances occur, we fall off balance. Note how tornadoes, typhoons, quakes and floods that shake any part of our planet also affect our being. We are permeable beings. When I feel out of sorts or ticked off, my first response is to wonder what is wrong with me internally. But global external factors are as unsettling as internal; both trigger discomfort in us.

We then must clear what ails us before it becomes calcified further in our body psyche. We may sit sill and silent for a period and let thoughts, sensations, and feelings passage by. We may walk, swim or do yoga – whatever best suits our temperament. Or we seek the assistance of wellness practitioners. I do a combination.  * I also offer sessions for your wellness. See below.

In the meantime, Experience now my prayer.

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A single session is a good choice if you have a few concerns that need attention. If you are usually clear and stay strong, you might need a single session once a month or so.  It is quite effective to do so; however, if you find you have something come up in a week or so, it might be a good idea to choose the 3 sessions.

If you are experiencing
* relationship /communication problems
* issues about work and career
* uncertainty about your path/purpose
* fears or blocks in any area of your life…

ACT here and now!

Buy your single session: $333 USD.

This session is about 50-55 minutes. Then you also claim your 25-min follow up to clarify issues that come up. Connect with me.

I spent a magnificent rich time with Deborah, a shaman, at a wellness faire.
Listen to her experience: 


If you feel you have a long-term problem and will benefit with multiple sessions, then choose the 3-session package.
* Don’t overthink — Feel your inner-knowing!  There is no mistake. If you get one and want more later, I am here.


If you have deep-seated issues to resolve and need more time, Choose this option.

~ direction of your life career or purpose
~ issues in your relationships
~ finances and career or any other concern,
~ trauma of past and family

Each session clears more layers of information hidden deep in cellular memory that keep you stuck, which can lead to illness or frustration.

I highly recommend this if you need some tune-ups in all these areas of your life.  Interestingly, I also experienced a client whose concerns went so deep that he was cleared in 2 sessions. This happens once in a rare while.  Mostly, you would want your 3rd sessions.

BUY your 3 sessions here.  999 USD discounted to 888 / Plus BONUS 20-minute tune up.

Each session is about 50-60 minutes. Plus you will get 25-minute tune up after your 3 sessions are done.

Step up your life! Get rid of fears, limitations and clear conditions of impending illness.

This 3-session deal is a good tune-up like a car that needs fresh oil every few months or miles.  Sessions are to be completed within 60 days.

Let us remember the words of  Thich Nhat Hanh: 

Because suffering is impermanent, that is why we can transform it.

Because happiness is impermanent, that is why we have to nourish it.”

“Appreciation–emotional appreciation, artistic appreciation, appreciation on every level—is an important part of living Wabi Sabi. Appreciation manifests joy…. We don’t need to become someone else or wait until things are “perfect” to appreciate the whole of our lives.”

– Taro Gold, in Living Wabi Sabi

Beginning a new journey…

I superimposed an image of a painting I did with a photograph I took while hiking in the Santa Monica hills. I want to share this image with you. I want to ask you how this image makes you feel. What is your sacred destiny? What is calling you to resolve suffering and nourish happiness?

Note the insightful statements by Thich Nhat Hanh and Taro Gold on your left. Appreciate yourself. Be inspired by your own goodness. Stay in touch with me: luminousfields at gmail dot com