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“Ambika is a spiritual change agent who dances all around…devious and playful.” ~ Wayne Hayden-Moreland

Testimonials | What People Are Saying

You are really a spiritual healer.  Thank you for all your help and insight, the words of wisdom, detailed instructions on what to do, and me things I was not willing to see.  there were so many connections, emotions, and memories that were a burden and a danger to my physical, emotional and spiritual health…  Thanks to your intervention and advice – I feel so light and liberated now.  The true sense of freedom!  For the first time in years….I feel so free and light, “liberated” is the word.  And “clear”, my mind feels “clear”.  This is a gift you have.  Hats off to Ambika! – Maja Trochimczyk, Ph.D., Poet & Music Historian

Ambika’s approach incorporates the elements of healing most valuable to me as a woman and an artist ~ intuition, the arts, and presence. Ambika works with the unseen world to offer guidance using her rare and obvious gift for the psychic realms – she has given me feedback and insight on more than one occasion that proved not only accurate but compassionate and best for all parties involved. A gifted poet, she beautifully facilitated the emergence of my inner artist and opened me up to integrating my personal practice of dance into one of her poetry writing exercises providing me with a spiritually potent, powerful, heart opening and uplifting experience. Ancient, mystical, feminine, amazing!! – Behin Behrozi : Dancer * Child

Ambika’s straight forward, creative, intuitive approach quickly help me to change my mindset so that I could move forward with my life. Her practical, direct, effective solutions gave me the path to achieve my goals. Thank you Ambika. Really appreciate your honesty and reliability and results-oriented work. – Marty Ward, The Success Coach Making the Unknown Known |

I have experienced Ambika’s healing work/coaching and found it very fast and deeply effective.  She is highly intuitive and has a pure heart and is excellent at creating a feeling of deep safety and allows for you to be seen and heard in a sacred way. I highly recommend Ambika’s sessions and packages to help you through your life and life changes.  Through her consultations, she supports the fulfillment of the potential that you so desire. – Dawn Lianna MA |

Ambika is truly connected with the Heavenly Spirits! I absolutely felt an energetic shift in my life. My family noticed a difference in the way I had changed emotionally. Much gratitude and blessing to you Ambika!!! – Kenneth K. Ohashi L.Ac.

I find two attributes consistently present in Ambika’s work. One is insight imbued with rich experience and depth of soul vision. [I might feel] trapped inside the body … disruption and pain… a feeling of disequilibrium. Ambika has the gift of focusing on them and identifying their identity and source. She puts them into context…. and the truth resolves. Her vision can see through many layers. However, her greatest gift is her abiding compassion and love. It is observed in her adoration of our global village itself. She is a vibrating heartbeat of humanity, one of its true guardian angels. For her, a tiny speck of mankind seems equally as important. So working with Ambika is truly a shared experience, one of mutual growth and enrichment. It is a journey back to our true source, which is truth and love… back to wholeness and wellbeing. – James R. Anderson, Coordinating Editor, NAMAH, the Journal of Integral Health, Pondicherry, India

I am very grateful for the insight and energy work I have received from Ambika. Her intuitive insight into where I was blocking the flow of my energy helped show me how I was limiting my own potential. Ambika helped me shift my perceptions and clear my limitations, further opening a gateway to my healing. – Christopher Frederick, Artist|Actor|Filmmaker

Thank you Ambika! I have suffered from headaches and neck pain for years.  In a single session with Ambika, she was able to not only relieve my pain, but get to the root of what was causing it, and I finally have lasting results.  This is something that years of doctor visits were not able to achieve.  Thank you Ambika! – Kathy, Overworked Business Owner