The expansion of consciousness demands that we review and renew our selves periodically; this is about being in “rhythmic dynamic interchange” (Walter Russell) with oneself and with the world at large.

Rhythms of intensity of doing and non-doing or cessation of action bring one to a halt sometimes as is necessary. Ignoring such a call is a travesty to one-self and to one’s circles as such ignoring places one in a stupor. Naturally, it is a call to re-evaluation of one’s own ways, values, and process.  I am in such a state now as I realize I have become obsolete to myself. Therefore, I must consider how I am and how I do what I do and what needs to be corrected and perhaps even completely transformed.  Walking in the old shoes keeps one in attachment to what is already dead and gone. And this smells.

Such a state of obsolescence is not about falling into despair for this can happen. Despairing can be an attachment and an attraction — something one recognizes as familiar, so it can be a lure. If it is so, then one must become aware of its pitfalls. When despair seeps into one’s whole being and takes root, it can become a bigger problem. If you experience such a despair or hopelessness, do observe yourself and extricate yourself from such indulgence.

Instead, recall that this is simply a passage. Nothing is permanent. Root it out before it roots itself deeper into your psyche. Walk in the hills or by the ocean. Sprint in the waves. Sing in the shower. Make some art. Write a poem. Reach out to a friend and speak nonsense. Be silly – silly is bliss. The universe in rhythm and you in rhythm with it will shift your perspective. It is a law.

As the world shifts rapidly in unholy ways (natural resources and foods industry), there is also a grand awakening and connecting of all that is precious to our inner core and to our humanity.

Last Saturday (June 9, 2018), I was at the Foothills Healing Arts Faire in La Crescenta, California, where I had a booth. Working with five clients at different times, reminded me of this phrase “rhythmic dynamic interchange,” which is elegant and dynamic as is our universe. Each client came with different issues from pain in different parts of the body, a breaking foot, traumatic injuries from life’s many situations and emotional baggage. Each one left transformed, some with no pain at all, others with much decreased pain. Each session was but 20 minutes.

So I ask you to remember that whatever you experience in these times that bring you chaos and confusion (both natural and to be expected), there is a way out.  Transform yourself, your perspective of yourself, and your expectations of how you are supposed to be.

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Love and blessings,