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1st Step – Discover Who You Are Becoming

Source Your Resonance in 7 sessions

Transform your life in wondrous ways!  Re-Source and be true to your vision and puprose.

Each session uncovers and brings to the surface what is locked that keeps you from happiness and play.  Depending on your needs and goals, you will:

  • be received
  • be empowered
  • be understood
  • realize your life purpose
  • be cleared of physical and emotional obstacles
  • recognize your deepest values and how to embody them
  • clear spiritual traumas
  • feel mentally, emotionally, and physically integrated

Be prepared to experience more:
freedom, power, passion, creativity, pleasure, reverence, serenity.

Source Your Resonance in 7 sessions

Value Exchange: $2,625  – Paid in Full Discount = $2,597

Or two equal payments of $1,340.   The 2nd payment must be made before session 3 or within 30 days of the first payment. Sessions may be weekly or fortnightly.

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  • 25-minute Introductory Free Session. Or you may use it as a follow up.
  • Audio: Your Time Now
  • Sunburst: Your Time ~ Beautiful original photograph to print and frame
  • 2 Gift certificates: 40-minute session free to gift to a friend. Value: $ 280

One Payment of $2,597
Two Payments of $1,340

Our Appetizer Session:

Spiritual Consultation ~ 15 minutes Free & One-Time Only

In this initial consultation, I explain how Ur-Resonance & IE-Intuition-Energetics processes work; but keep in mind that each session is uniquely different, and we will examine your needs and goals.
Please note that anything over time limit of 15 minutes will incur charge for hour-long session.

Know that each session is unique and sacred.  I am committed to achieving quick results with you for you. Together, we will discover creative ways for you to fulfill your life goals.

Email me to book your time: luminousfields at gmail dot com

Source Your Resonance

WHAT DOES IT look like or feel like to be in Resonance with our true self?

CONSIDER THAT WELLBEING is a result of “flow” from state to state and staying true to core, which is both fixed and mutable. Conversely, being tied to a “preferred” state keeps us in constraint, judgment, and limitation. Truly, this is the cause of much suffering that keeps us out of tune.

TO BRING OURSELVES TO BALANCE of body, mind, and spirit requires willingness to explore our own journey and change karmic triggers, miasma, and confusion about who we are.

Wellness is a creative process of our infinite potential. When we are alert and alive to/with our unfolding, are we not in tune?