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As a well-traveled poet, healer, and visionary, I invite YOU to your sacred purpose.

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October 2016

Time & Dates To Be Determined

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Each session will focus on a different topic.

Session 1 – Our Relationship with Our Self. In these changing and uncertain times, it is natural to feel anxiety, loss, and confusion. In this session, we will identify and resolve subconscious triggers and clear our reaction to early trauma. My wish is to facilitate a clearing for you, so you redefine yourself with ease and clarity.

Session 2 – Our Relationship with Others. We are always in relationship; this is basic to our nature and our way of being. Our expectations and memories trigger each of us in different ways. Ancestral patterns and paradigms may conflict with our way. So we must clear  false beliefs and expectations. Doing so will increase your inner power.

Session 3 – Our Environmental Triggers.   You must have experienced times of calm and suddenly you walk into your office or a cafe and feel your energy shattered or confusion overtake you.  What did you react to? A thought or a person? Resolving triggers and issues will clarify your way, so you can better fulfill your sacred purpose.

Each seminar is about 45 minutes.  Enna-1-sm

  • By the end of each session, you will feel more:
  • free of conflicting emotions;
  • clear about your chosen path;
  • inspired by yourself and your community.

I am sharing this picture of my visit to Enna, Sicily, with you as it reflects to me these qualities. See how the city rises in confidence as natural beauty surrounds it in grace.  Good bones, sense of assurance, and natural lyrical stance. I look forward to our shared time next week.

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Poet, artist, and holistic health practitioner, AMBIKA TALWAR has also taught been a teacher at a community college for several years. As an educator, her passion is to inspire students to uncover their real self and create a deep connection with their purpose. She insists such a connection creates a stronger foundation for success in the classroom. Her pedagogy leads her to employ holistic and creative processes through which students learn the inter/intra-connectedness of cultures, nature and life; these also enhance their creative potential. More recently, her attention is turned to incorporating such ways to raise awareness about peace issues in the classroom experience. Perhaps, peace living is an outcome of understanding our intricate unity as beings of nature.