I have been a-buzz with lovely ideas coursing through my mind and body-being stirred with an urgency to write. Yet I could not get myself to act by marrying pen and paper. Last evening after I returned from work caught in the heavy grey dullness of a week mingled with jetlag, I responded to a flame that momentarily sparked my core.

Unimpressed with my recent dullard ways and in a moment of less mind, I am keeping my promise. So here I am with an offer of brief notes on love. Grief and cultural insights to follow soon; I will not hide.

Because “love” is so profound, I felt I must share something serious, share an insight that must take hold of me. But no. I am simply going to express some thoughts.

Love: After my meditation last week (January 31, 2019) a week ago, I realized how easy it is to love. We love so many things; our love for them rises and falls. There is not a consistency in this loving of things, which is fine for when our need of a certain thing is fulfilled, we move on to another interest.

But we also become easily distracted from our love interest. For instance, I gather a lot of books. This would suggest I love to read. Yet, I don’t get myself settled enough to read. I have become distracted, restless, uneven in my ways. And I need solidity in order to truly fulfill my commitments, especially those to myself. Somewhere I let things go, got lost. It is time to renew my passion to myself. After all, I am all I have beyond the “things” that surround me. And love of oneself is harder to accomplish sometimes.

Do you feel like this sometimes? Looking at the “things” around me, I knew I had to clear my space for what truly matters to me. Now.

That same evening past meditation, I also felt another texture about loving. Feelings and thoughts that arose in me were not about love for or of things but how singularly and simply we love and can love. Yet we don’t acknowledge that capacity in us nor express it for fear of being found out. The paradox simply is that we feel shades of loss and wonder why love is elusive.

Love is not elusive. We are. We get lost in our frustrations, our expectations, our wanting things to be okay with ourselves so we can love. Herein is the issue. What if we got out of our way completely and became a rich empty vessel to receive and share the love that in us resides aching for recognition, for acknowledging, for the holding, for the being held.

Are these not our innermost longings? When all is said and done, and world affairs are handled, what do we wish for most of all? What do you ask for that is not yet fulfilled? Cultural news reminds us of days of to recognize a Valentine or be a Valentina. But, friends, why not see all days with eyes of love and feel rich stirrings of love and loving, for are you not a finely tuned instrument?

But love is not a fairy-tale, and it does not always feel divine (all light and incense); it is to love another with all their aches and grunts and inconsistencies. In this material world, there is not much to hide.

Let this begin with utter and complete self-acceptance. Love is All. Isn’t it?

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