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The Chaos of Our Lives…

Nature reminds that chaos follows order and order breaks down into chaos at some point. What happens in nature is inwardly self-arising for elements determine the course of such events, and such disasters ultimately reflect harmony even in chaos.

Human propelled chaos is, of course, a completely different story.  The destruction that humans cause far surpasses nature’s dance.  There is meanness, revenge, greed, desire to control and oppress.  The dominator model seeks to remain supreme come what may.  Our history has shown us repeatedly such acts of fear and dominance.  The effects we know are no doubt horrific.

We have seen much of it in our far and recent history of warring and, more recently, in the ways by which the Dakota Access Pipeline has been handled.  Many other acts continue their terror and destruction.

Now in the melee of diversions and deceptions, we see people reacting and releasing their pent emotions.  Where do we find ourselves in the midst of such dynamic? How do we find our peace of mind and heart when the world around us has become so full of “sound and fury signifying nothing…” that we are at a loss.  We know in our heart of hearts something is dreadfully wrong.  This exacerbates the anxiety of the post-modern age, for we are at the tipping edge of a collapsing world.

Can this be turned around? Can we even hope to see a glimmer of transformation so swift that there is a total and complete shift of awareness and way of seeing and thinking that nothing is the same any more? How shall we be informed of this capacity in us? How shall we speed up this imagined eventuality?

I so wish it. Wish it with me.

Remember that while Nature does what she does because the elements flow in rhythm with what occurs, humans gifted with the ability to perceive and then to discern have messed up in irrevocable ways.  We see it daily in all lands and cultures, whose essence is lost in dogma and ideology.

What we learn from our relationship with Nature is morality. After all, it is the beauty of a tiny flower on the wayside tickling a passing breeze, a glorious sunset that rises and falls as crescendoing waves of music, falling stars as the night turns around a half sleeping Gaia that spark in us wonder, love and tenderness. These inter-INNER-connections arise in us what can bring us to a pristine moral framework in our being.  Why won’t we awaken to this and only this before the “taking of toast and tea.”

Why do we destroy that which nourishes us? Even ourselves.

For many years, I have been at odds with myself, with the way the world was dancing on breaking legs, with my choices and decisions that led me to a strange isolation, and I realized some of the issues lay in my inability to find peace within.  The world’s conflicts were not separate from mine.

If you are sensitive and empathic to the energies that dance in layers in our environments, you would know this of which I speak.  You might have turned to art or poetry or social work to quell your uncertainties, to find some peace. You might have turned to silence, to nature to understand better what was awry in your individual world. You might have turned to your close relationships. Or you may have turned to meditation. Or lost faith.

All our longing is not different.  Do we not each long to love and be loved, to accomplish good deeds, to acknowledge and praise and be thusly understood?

All that we do to rebuild whether it be local, communal, or national is, most certainly, also kosmic.  This is the way of chaos and harmony that to yearn for one we get another, and in the recreation we must let go of pre-existing notions and dilemma and be fired with that which is self-renewing, beauty enforcing, community enhancing so we may affect our collective destiny with grace.  What else but this?

Why would you not choose this as your life-renewing self-containing process of loving? Could we somehow taste shades of harmony and be responsible for its creation?  For those that survive we must each thrive in the simplest and daring ways possible.

I urge you to write a few words of how you bring harmony in your life and invite those in your close circle to also experience it.

Be a broken cup.
How chai seeps out
an old crack widening
in the winter air
making another.
Smell the aroma
of cardamom saffron
Assam tea – Smile!
Someone might bring
you a fallen rose.

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AMBIKA TALWAR is an educator, published author, ecstatic poet, and artist, with a keen interest and sensitivity also in the healing arts. She combines resonant creative process with IE:Intuition-Energetics to source and clear blocks of body, mind, spirit, psyche. Such insights stir shifts, which make one see what is real. “Both poetry and holistic practices work beautifully together, for language is intricately coded in us. In resonance with our authentic self, we experience wholeness & wellness,” she notes. “I love to assist you to discover your uniqueness and live your sacred destiny.”

© February 2017