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Leo Tolstoy:  “Our body is a machine for living. It is organized for that, it is its nature. Let life go on in it unhindered and let it defend itself, it will do more than if you paralyze it by encumbering it with remedies [and over-thinking].”

Be Your True Self Now!

Be ready to delve deep inside, to clear what holds you back, to be who you truly are!

The inner work we do is profound as we uncover and clear blocks and source of pain and sorrow. Life’s mysteries stay hidden in our cells, psyche, lineage, and these also cause stress.

To be free is a challenge. Being free is the gift. 
Choose wisely. What is your desire? Is this your time?

Wellness Sessions & Packages

I offer both single sessions and packages.

A single session is a good choice if you have some concerns that need immediate attention. If you are usually clear and stay strong, you might need a single session once a month or so. It is quite effective to do so; however, if you find you have something come up in a week or so, it might be a good idea to choose a package.

I help with various issues that cause stress. If you are experiencing
* relationship /communication problems
* issues about money/finance, work, and career
* uncertainty about your path/purpose
* fears or blocks in any area of your life…
* business losses and related concerns
* intergenerational trauma and its long-term effects.

Each session clears more layers of information hidden deep in cellular memory that keep you stuck, and which can lead to stresses that cause illness. You do want to prevent such effects. And, truly, we all must keep clearing ourselves as we pick up energies, frequencies, and are stirred by memories. Like anyone, I also clear myself so I can be free and more joyful. Each session is 50 minutes on the phone after I’ve spent an hour preparing for you. * If you pick a single session or a package of 3 or 5, then you also get a 20-min follow-up after the end of the package to clarify issues that may arise.

Trust your inner knowing. This wellness is your choice. Connect with me. I look forward to serving you to your greater good. Email me to set up an appointment for your first session.

I spent a magnificent rich time with Deborah, a shaman, at a health faire in La Crescenta, California. Listen to her experience:


These are group sessions done ass conference call or as a webinar. Results are as powerful as with in-person sessions. Any and all issues can be and are addressed remotely. In fact, even if a participant is absent, results are rich and effective. I have participated in many such as a client, and I testify to their effective results.

Group Healing Sessions / Find out what it is to be Stress-free

I offer play-shops, which are group healing sessions on any area of concern. The success of these sessions rests on the synergy that allows for diverse issues to be cleared for each participant. Everyone is served. As always you must be open to what shows up. Narratives arise that go far beyond your imagination.

Want to set up a playshop for your group or organization, email me:  luminousfields at gmail dot com

For info on my creative vision & offerings, visit:

Education / Whole Being Learning
Visual Art – painting and photography (Site Under Construction)

Poetry – the Bridge to New Worlds

We are a mystery to ourselves.  As we explore our creative vision through poems or art, we realized that to be a human being is an aesthetic experience.  Poetry is an act of poesis, a mystical realization of our wholeness, and kosmic play of our unities. This process is of wonder, and if we can embody its spirit, we open our selves to Presence, a prayer.  CLICK HERE FOR POETRY PAGE

Our body is an Intelligence that is mysterious, multi-layered, intricate, and beautiful. Poetry is an expression of this intelligence.


Karma Weavers

The place where colors are wild and free., where your mythic self can find a story to remember.

This website is for paintings and photographs composed over the years. Karma Weavers is the place where colors are wild and free, where your mythic self will find a story or two or more to remember.  (Currently Under Construction)